First harvest of 2010: radishes

This year RB and I decided to try our hand at inter-cropping and catch-cropping in order to make the most of the space in our vegetable patch, and radishes were the perfect easy and quick choice. We planted our first catch crop of two rows about 6 weeks ago in what will be the sweetcorn bed, and they quickly reached maturity. We have harvested 16 and will pull up the rest for a dinner party we are having later.

I must confess I have never purchased radishes in my entire life, so I was a little bemused as to what we were going to do with them at maturity. In practice, they barely had the chance to make it back into the house! The crunchy texture and sweet-yet-peppery taste are wonderful and make a great addition to a salad or as a snack with hummus.

We have already planted the seeds for the next catch crop in a bean bed, and later we will inter crop in the runner bean bed. We are aiming to have radishes all summer long.


2 responses to “First harvest of 2010: radishes

  1. wow, what an inspiring blog! An absolute success, beautiful photos and helpful tips. this is definitely a blog I will follow. anything I can do, you can do better. haha, but in a good way. I am impressed by the amount of knowledge you must possess to make your surroundings so beautiful and sustainable.

    the salad looks delicious. I tried radishes last year, but with little success because we had to move before harvesting. hoping for a better season this year. it’s unusual for me to hear about harvesting this time of the year, I haven’t even started sowing some carrots and salad leaves yet! I guess you have a warmer climate where you live.

    is this job-related or do you have gardening as a hobby?

    a little tip: radishes are great with cheese. delicate and crunchy topping on any sandwich.

    happy weekend!

  2. We had our first harvest like 2 weeks ago, it was rhubarb:). Lots of peaople do not like them but if you establish a plant it will need little attention afterwards. Oh and the asparagus season is here now. Same with asparagus too, once they established need hardly any care, just make sure you add lots of sand to the asparagus bed so you will have nice and straight shoots :).

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