Hardening off & tomato sunburn

What with the great weather a week ago in the South East, RB and I decided it was high time to push the little fellas out of our nest. That is to say, we started the hardening off process for a few of our more mature plants that had graduated from seedling status. It was a great day, and instead of easing our plants into the outside world for an hour or two, we let them bask in the sunshine for a whole 8 hours. Here is about half our bounty sunbathing on a south-facing balcony.


On the whole, the little guys performed exceedingly well. We’ve had only one casualty, and to be fair it was the weakest of the sunflower class, of which we had already had a high sowing success rate. Unfortunately a few of our tomato plants have suffered from a little bit of sun-scorch, turning a couple leaves slightly white towards the tips. Interestingly it was the centiflor variety Millefleur that took the brunt, whilst the Rose de Berne and Gold Medal are still a nice green.

Moral of the story is hardening off should be done, and should be done patiently. Here is a pic of the white on the leaves. They will recover just fine.



4 responses to “Hardening off & tomato sunburn

  1. Oh ! I love your close up photo’s this one looks good enough to eat !

  2. i made the same mistake! any recommendations for how to ensure recovery? hardening off, of course, but for a longer period? or…

  3. themoderngardener

    Sarah, I would say start with an hour or two a day and build it up. I think the moral is frost is bad but sun can also be, so treat like the little fellas like the babies they are!

  4. smileychele

    I made the same mistake! I’m actually glad it is sunburn and not – damping off disease like I was thinking! Never thought about sunburning the little guys in the beautiful weather we had this week!

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