Chitting pretty (and other puns)

This post is disguised as a potato chitting update, but really it’s just an excuse to catalogue my favourite chit puns: chitting pretty, chit lit, chit chat, are you chitting comfortably, and finally my personal addition, you must be chitting me! I’d love to add to the repertoire if you have any others.


We’ll be planting the first earlies this week and following with the second earlies and main crop in the next few weeks. The shoots are looking good, short and sturdy, not the white spindly things you get when you forget a potato at the back of the cupboard. I have also rubbed out a few of the shoots that weren’t part of the main crown, although it’s not really necessary.


One response to “Chitting pretty (and other puns)

  1. chitting hell, this post is awesome!

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