Planting strawberries

Our strawberry plants arrived in the post yesterday, with a WARNING! about planting them immediately or risking plant death – motivation enough for us. We ordered Cambridge Favourite for their promise to be relatively straightforward and good producers. 12 plants arrived tied up like this.


Our plan was to utilise an old raised bed that was left on our plot. After a bit of reading, we decided to plant them through a membrane to minimise weeding, especially since we’re aiming for 3 years of croppping. It also means the strawberries won’t be muddy.

We soaked the plants for a few hours before planting, created X-shaped cuts into the fabric, and dug deep holes so the roots would remain long. Holding the plant in the desired spot, we then backfilled the hole so the crown sits at surface level.


The plants will be covered by a cage to keep them clear from the birds, and protected with fleece while frost is still around. I’m looking forward to June!


3 responses to “Planting strawberries

  1. Hmm … I’d like to try planting thru membrane. Minimize weeding sounds good. What is a membrane? Is it the black net usually used to soften the sunlight? Gotta google that …
    Thanks for sharing.

    • themoderngardener

      Hi Blossom. Membrane is pretty vague isn’t it! I used the word because it could be almost anything. Black bin liners or tarpaulin would work if you have it around and don’t fancy spending cash, but you’ll have to be careful to ensure water can get to the plants. We’ve used a ‘porous mulching fabric’ so that would be the term to google if you’re ordering online. If you are putting the strawberries in a border put some bark chips over the fabric to make it look nicer. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  2. I bet you’re looking forward to June. We really need to find space for some strawberry plants.

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