Vertical gardens: DIY panels

Vertical gardens have been around for decades in Modernist landscaping. Now you can bring them to your own home with these vertical garden DIY panels by Flora Grubb. I love succulents, and these installations are modern and beautiful.

You would have to ensure you have the right plants for your climate, and the right wall, but given a bit of thought I am sure different plants would be very successful.

And if you’re very crafty, you may be able to build the wall system at home from scratch.


3 responses to “Vertical gardens: DIY panels

  1. WOW! These are really great ideas. You are so creative. Thank you!

    • They’re lovely to sit on. My husband currently spends hours sitting in one at the computer. Although I wouldn’t recommend that! Perfect to have a cup of tea between weeding and sowing sessions though, and easy to keep clean as rain simply runs through.

  2. Hi i was wondering if adding this vertical garden idea to all sides of a planter box would be a good idea, to incorparate vertical gardens indoors. What are your thoughts? would you recommend this?

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