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Vertical gardens: DIY panels

Vertical gardens have been around for decades in Modernist landscaping. Now you can bring them to your own home with these vertical garden DIY panels by Flora Grubb. I love succulents, and these installations are modern and beautiful.

You would have to ensure you have the right plants for your climate, and the right wall, but given a bit of thought I am sure different plants would be very successful.

And if you’re very crafty, you may be able to build the wall system at home from scratch.


Who needs a hand model?

A dear friend of mine is starting a business in London importing fine jewelery and housewares from South America. As a start-up, a professional photo shoot with a hand model was out of the question. So I volunteered to help.

I am a big fan of these rings. They offer the right amount of ‘bling’ and sophistication but are not plastic, and that is a unique selling point in this age of Topshop and Accessorize. I was inspired by their natural elegance, and so of course the gardener in me decided to use nature as a prop.





I hope she likes the photo shoot. If you stumble across this post and love these rings as much as I do or would like to see the full shoot, drop me a note and I will put you in touch with her. They are semi-precious stones and I believe will retail around £100.

Potato Art

I’ve just picked up on the Szpilman Award, a competition in Germany of ephemeral works. I love Giorgina Choueiri’s potato piece. She transforms people into potatoes. The potato heads grow, sprout, and decay. I would love to see a photo of this after a few more weeks.


Moss graffiti art

The gals at el&abe have created beautiful moss art that slots somewhere in the very small patch between nature and urbanity. This moss ‘graffiti’ manages to be arrestingly beautiful and thought-provoking. I just love it.