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First 2011 sowings, and some very late parsnips

I have woefully neglected the blog, but determined to get back on track. 2010’s patch was, well, patchy, mostly due to a phenomenally busy year. Now, as we count down the last days before our first baby arrives, we have more time to devote to the patch once again.

So today we have started sowing. RB cleverly spread well rotted manure and all our home compost on our 20 raised beds over the winter, so we were delighted to see how easily the beds forked over and how dark the soil looked today.

I’ll get to what we’re growing this year later, but in the meantime we were surprised to find some abandoned parsnips that had started to resprout. With great trepidation, we dug them up expecting a cankerous mess, and were rewarded with some of the nicest looking parsnips ever. And big!

late harvesting parsnips

Supper tonight will be our favourite spicy parsnip soup recipe by Jamie Oliver.