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The War on Terra

Ah, what a great headline what with the news about Osama bin Laden – wish I could take credit for it! I must pass the credit on to the clever folks at Kabloom, who have just celebrated the 5th International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day on May 1st and recently teamed up with Selfridges to create a pop-up shop instore. They produce these witty Guerrilla Gardening ‘Seedboms’.A great gift idea for those of use who would like to see a few flowers in neglected corners of the world.


Street art: makeshift vase and tulips

I was walking from a meeting to a London Underground station this afternoon, and just as I passed the Ritz I spotted this bit of guerrilla gardening. Made me smile!

Adidas Guerrilla Gardening Video

I loved coming across this advertorial/documentary style video commissioned by Adidas and filmed in London. It’s great to see a young and very funky brand make gardening look so cool. We have plenty of canvas for guerrilla gardening in London, and lots of people to cheer up, so I hope the trend continues. Well worth the 3 minutes.

Guerrilla daffodils

This is my first attempt at posting to the blog from my iPhone. This morning I snapped this photo from the train on my way into London: a large patch of hillside next to the tracks that is totally covered with daffodils.
Daffodils aren’t my exactly my first choice flower, but when you see that a local community has brightened up a dreary patch of land next to the train tracks near Croydon, it’s pretty special. The camera phone photo doesn’t do it justice, this is pretty good guerilla gardening.