New year, bigger vegetable garden

Hoorah, we have added 8 new raised beds to the vegetable patch! And when I say we, of course I mean RB who built them in December (read about how to build raised beds). Here is a photo of the whole patch of 20 beds in the snow.

We have used our snowy downtime to order seeds, and here is our final tally for the 2010 vegetable garden:

Wild Rocket
Fiorana Spinach
Golden Ball Onions
Potatoes – Mayan Gold, Charlotte, Golden Wonder
Green Globe Artichokes
Beetroot Sanguina
Yellow Carrot Jaune Obtuse de Doube
Fat Leek Monstrueux de Charentan
Burgess Vine Buttercup Squash
Summer Crookneck Squash
Striato di Napoli Courgette
Napia Red Pointy Pepper
King of the North Sweet Pepper
Nigels Outdoors Chilli
Red Top Radish
Double Standard Bicolour Sweetcorn
Garlic (planted in autumn)
Broad Beans
Runner Beans
Asparagus (planted in autumn)
Calabrese Broccoli
Strawberries Cambridge Favourite (already in situ)
Red Iceberg Lettuce
Tomatoes – Rose de Berne, Gold Medal, Millefleur

Most of the seeds come from The Real Seed Catalogue which stock only non-hybrid seeds. It means you can safely save seeds from the plants which is a sustainable and common sense practice. You can’t seed save with F1 Hybrids. The Real Seed Catalogue urges all growers to seed save, and we like that kind of business ethos.

I am looking forward to a whopping return on this year’s vegetable garden economics!


5 responses to “New year, bigger vegetable garden

  1. Looks like you’ll be self sufficient by the end of the year – looks fab-u-lous! Even have new bed envy! Good luck. Cat x

  2. Your raised beds look great. What a wonderful assortment of veggies you will be growing. (I found your blog via Frances.)

    • Thanks Kate, and thanks for letting me know about the plug Frances gave of The Modern Gardener blog. She is sweet isn’t she. Not to mention an inspirational gardener and photographer.

      For the rest of you, go check out Frances’ blog, FaireGarden

  3. Visiting from Fairegarden… I am wholeheartedly impressed by your army of raised beds. Coincidentally, I just posted a photo of my two, yes that’s right, two…I have a lot of work to do! I’m thinking that I’ll add two a year so as to not overwhelm myself.

    • Clementine, sounds like a sensible idea! There is nothing worse than biting off more than you can chew, which inevitably leads to disappointment if it turns out to be more than you can handle. I am lucky to have a very enthusiastic husband who does most (okay all!) the digging and heavy lifting. Good luck with your two, what are you growing? It’s a hard choice!

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