Cooking with our first tomatoes

We have finally harvested the first of our tomatoes, the Rose de Berne and Millefleur varieties. The Millefleur should really go red, but as they were so soft and juicy we couldn’t resist picking them yellow.


We were in a bit of a hurry for supper, so we diced up the tomatoes with garlic and basil and then combined the mixture with some gently cooked through courgettes and onions from our garden.


We then poured this over our favourite pasta, De Cecco fusilli, with cubes of fresh buffalo mozzarella.


It was delicious!


2 responses to “Cooking with our first tomatoes

  1. Looks beautiful. Right before leaving for vacation I had about 3 lbs. of tomatoes ripe and ready to go. I chopped them, removed the seeds but not the skin, threw them in a pot and cooked them for about an hour. I then pureed them by hand in a foley mill, poured the puree into glass jars and froze them. We used the pureed tomatoes for sauce upon return. It was delicious. I love, love, love garden tomatoes!

  2. Looks absolutely delectable. I wish my tomatoes were as good as that! Val

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