Elephant garlic

RB’s sister Julia, a seasoned allotmenteer, gave us two cloves of elephant garlic for Christmas as she knew we were preparing our first vegetable garden. We had to get them into the ground in winter, so when we got around to it we hadn’t planned for the raised beds yet, let alone worked on the clay soil properly.


So it was a bit of pot luck, and although they have been harvested small, we are quite pleased they look like garlic and not a host for rot. Julia suggested harvesting when the plant flowers, which is what we’ve done. The photo above shows the one flower, which reached 6 ft high.


If we grow elephant garlic again I would certainly work the soil so that it is less dense in order to allow the garlic to grow large. I would also leave them in the ground longer, perhaps until the flower fully blooms, maybe even until half the leaves have yellowed like with normal garlic.


We have put the garlic in the late afternoon sun to start the drying out process, which we will continue in a cool dry place for a few weeks.


I can’t say we’ve grown prize elephant garlic, but the unopened bloom adds a great modern twist to this flower arrangement given to us last night.


3 responses to “Elephant garlic

  1. It’s good to try things. That way you can make adjustments next year. I didn’t have a clue how many potatoes to plant, but I will monitor what I harvest from them and adjust accordingly next year.

  2. Hi, I’ve been a shy follower of your blog since March this year. I think you keep a marvelous blogsite, homey and yet chic, too. You have somewhat goaded me to do some more planting, instead of just keeping cacti. I have an interest in gardening, which lately bloomed; but sadly, my apartment space can only accomodate a few plants on the ledge of the balcony (and it is a rather small balcony at that). I have six cacti, a two-feet avocado plant, a lemon seedling, two apple seedlings, a mango seedling, and two other plants that I can’t identify. All of them in pots! I know I’m a fool to raise such plants inside the house, but I just couldn’t resist.

    I’m having an inkling on doing a small raised bed garden, where I could plant some herbs and small vegetables, over at the rooftop. Inspiration comes from this blog (especially your post on June 4). But frankly, I am terrified at the prospect of it failing. What’s more, I really don’t know where to start, how to go about the whole thing, and how to exercise maintenance once the thing’s been setup.

  3. 6ft? that tall? amazing. I should also try planting this at home.

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