Redcurrant and strawberry jam

Yesterday RB harvested about a pint of redcurrants, as well as a handful of blackcurrants and strawberries. I decided to make a first attempt at jam.

After reading a few jam recipes online, I interpolated my own simple formula: 1 part fruit to 1 part sugar, measured by weight. It seemed too easy, and after my crabapple debacle in the autumn I was not confident of the result, but it managed to set beautifully.


I put the fruit and the sugar in a small pot over medium heat to melt the sugar for 10 or so minutes first, checking the liquid on the back of a spoon to ensure the sugar crystals were all disintegrated. I then brought the jam to a boil and allowed it to simmer for 25 minutes. I can’t recommend the cold plate trick, as it didn’t work for me and yet the jam was firm and jam-like once cool.


Do follow sterilising methods for jars. I haven’t bothered with sealing as this small jar will be in the fridge and won’t last more than a month! It is delicious on RB’s homemade bread and oatcakes.



7 responses to “Redcurrant and strawberry jam

  1. It certainly looks delicious! Val

  2. Mmmm, it’s making my mouth water.

  3. I also tried jam from a small amount of redcurrants. (the birds had most of them, as they do every year)
    I was very pleased with it.
    Also, the cold plate test for setting point didn’t work for me either …but the jam set very well once cooled. maybe it’s a redcurrant anomaly!

  4. It looks so gooood! No doubt, it’ll be finished before long:)

  5. Looks very nice but I enjoyed making redcurrant jelly and that also tasted so much better than the shop bough stuff.

    How big was the plant – funnily enough I bought a tiny one yesterday – so I don’t really expect much from it this year but here’s hoping <a=";;)

    • Hi John, we were lucky to inherit a number of redcurrant, blackcurrant and gooseberry plants when we moved into our house about 18 months ago, but we got plenty from one or two plants if protected with net.

  6. i used the cold plate trick worked for me??? i have had about 3lb of redcurrants from my grandads garden he has 1 large plant huge crop from it this yr.

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