Bumper crop

We have started harvesting in earnest today, with much of our vegetable patch coming into play: courgettes, potatoes, celery, carrots, lettuce and herbs. We are still getting plenty of strawberries, and picked our first pint of redcurrants.


The carrots were a surprise, as we didn’t expect them to come on for another month or so, but as they were popping up their tops we could see they were pretty big. We are really pleased that they are totally normal, as we never got around to finishing the cage to protect from carrot fly – perhaps the companion planting with leeks worked.

We have had a few rather wonky courgettes, which we’ll simply use by cutting off the end that looks unpleasant. Four of our six potato varieties are finished now, so far having netted over 8 kilos of potatoes.


Now, what to do with the red currants? A tart? Or maybe a jam that requires the fruits to be hand deseeded one by one? I will decide and then post the result.


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