Dinner from the garden

We have just harvested our first red iceberg lettuce from the garden. It hadn’t quite fulfilled its promise to have a crisp head inside all that foliage, but there is more than two of us can eat, so I can’t complain.


So tonight we’ll be having roast chicken, together with new potatoes, salad, courgettes and rosemary all from our garden.



4 responses to “Dinner from the garden

  1. That plot’s looking very good!

    Just thought I’d come on over to thank you for your visit over at mine and to say I’m having some doubts whether Jekka’s recipe is for cordial. It looks very similar to the champagne recipe I was given last year and all the other cordial recipes I’ve found seem to have much more sugar and less water in them.

    No matter what, I’m sure it’ll be delicious!

  2. Mmmm, what time would you like me round? It sounds delicious!

  3. It is such a thrill when we harvest our first ‘dinner from our own garden’
    your plot is looking great.

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