Harvesting strawberries

Picking strawberries is one of summer’s pleasures. Back in March when RB and I planted out 10 new Cambridge Favourites in their special bed plus 2 in pots, we were sure this would be more than enough for us. In fact, they barely make it back to the house in one piece. But it is just their first year, and they are more productive in their second and third years before needing to be swapped for new.

Cambridge Favourites are being grown in the Queen’s new vegetable garden at Buckingham Palace.


Tips for picking strawberries:

– pick the strawberries in the cool, early morning
– pick only fully red strawberries
– use secateurs to cut the strawberry by the stem instead of pulling by hand
– keep them cool after picking, avoiding prolonged heat
– compost any damaged or rotting berries
– keep the green caps on until just before use, unless freezing
– wash the berries only just before eating or cooking

The wooden serving platter is by architect Alvar Aalto for iitala, and was a gift from our lovely friend Mayuri. Aalto was one of the early modernists.


2 responses to “Harvesting strawberries

  1. Home grown strawberries are delicious, much nicer than those watery specimens which are sold in the supermarket.

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