Harvesting courgettes

RB and I harvested the first of the courgettes yesterday. We are growing Verde di Italia, which are a pale green with superb flavour. We harvested them at around 10-12cm long (4-5 in).

Although there is the inevitable temptation to let them grow to show bench size, the flavour is better when the fruit is smaller and the flesh soft. Courgettes of marrow-proportions lose their flavour and tenderness.



The best time to harvest courgettes is in the morning, using a sharp knife that will cut easily through the flesh. Discard any damaged fruit.

The courgettes will go great with our second harvest of Desiree and Orla potatoes.


3 responses to “Harvesting courgettes

  1. My courgettes aren’t even flowering yet.

  2. A bit of followup: after much conversation about flavour versus weight RB and I have agreed that this variety should be grown to 6-7 inches, so that is the size we are now picking these at.

  3. reapwhatyougrow

    : O
    Am really impressed that you have got courgettes already.

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