First potato harvest

RB dug up a few Amorosa and Desiree potatoes today and they look just gorgeous. It was a bit early for Desirees, but as one plant had flowered the temptation was too much. There are still 18 other Amorosa and Desiree plants that can mature a little further.


The photo was taken on my iPhone, sadly not the best but the Nikon battery is charging and these babies aren’t going to hang around long.

700g of potatoes and 1 strawberry to add to my spreadsheet.


5 responses to “First potato harvest

  1. They look good enough to eat!

  2. Beautiful harvest! Congratulations! I only hope to be so lucky with my harvests.

  3. I’m still waiting on my spuds. So, what did they taste like?

  4. themoderngardener

    Jo, they were delicious – the texture was so creamy and firm, not like the powdery feel you get with so many shop-bought ones.

  5. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve never grown either of these varieties before so it’s always good to get a review.

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