Pinching out vine tomatoes

We planted out our vine tomatoes in the greenhouse back in mid-April, and with this great weather and regular care they have grown and flowered well. You can just about make out the upside down green bottles we are using to keep the water deep and focused at the base of the plant.


Vine (or indeterminate) tomatoes require regular pinching out of shoots that spring from where a leaf-stem meets the main stem, which will help ensure the energy goes into ripening the fruit. It is important to know what type of tomato plant you have, as bush varieties can actually flower from the side shoots and require different care. Here is a shot of an unwanted shoot on a vine variety.


Pinching out the shoot, using my fingernail to ensure a clean cut so that the stringy fibres do not rip off flesh of the main stem.


And after removal.



2 responses to “Pinching out vine tomatoes

  1. It’s good to see an in-depth and informative article on tomotoes. I was wondering if I was going to have to write one myself in order to see one. Excellent photos and descriptions illustrating your points.

  2. Nothing more evocative than the scent of tomato plants… I adore them… especially in a really warm greenhouse!

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