Who needs a hand model?

A dear friend of mine is starting a business in London importing fine jewelery and housewares from South America. As a start-up, a professional photo shoot with a hand model was out of the question. So I volunteered to help.

I am a big fan of these rings. They offer the right amount of ‘bling’ and sophistication but are not plastic, and that is a unique selling point in this age of Topshop and Accessorize. I was inspired by their natural elegance, and so of course the gardener in me decided to use nature as a prop.





I hope she likes the photo shoot. If you stumble across this post and love these rings as much as I do or would like to see the full shoot, drop me a note and I will put you in touch with her. They are semi-precious stones and I believe will retail around £100.


5 responses to “Who needs a hand model?

  1. Very creative use of nature for display purposes.

  2. These are amazing rings and the photos are really nicely done. I will show my jewellery mad friends and may get back to you.

    Have been following your blog -inconsistently -and its always interesting. Our kitchen garden project is coming on pretty well. Only got two chicks in the end 2 copper blacks and thats just enough for us. We have planted many seeds and have now put a fence up around the plot to stop the many animals- cows ( in case they jump the perimeter-)rabbits, chicks, and any other passing visitor. I am thinking of starting a wordpress blog I like the layout and the fact that we can cover all aspects of our lives!! current blog is on growsonyou.com/rkda I don’t know if you have looked or not – not exactly ‘modern’ in fact probably could not be more different to your style!!But all informs Pauls paintings and eclectic content satisfies creative urges!

  3. Very interesting. It looks very clean and finished when paired with those branches. Nice!

  4. I love those rings! Beautiful photography and great blog.

  5. I love the pictures
    and I also love the rings, would you please give information about where to find and buy those rings, I’m a huge fan of natural stone jewelery.

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