Straightening a tree

Last October I took this photo because I love the drama you get in Autumn. I have always been keen to use this window as a frame for a special outdoor sculpture, but until RB and I win the lottery and can afford a Giacometti, Antony Gormley or similar, I will have to work with what nature gave us.


I decided this tree could do with straightening and tidying up to become more of a specimen, something to provide foreground interest without overly obscuring the background. Here is the tree this morning after a bit of work:


I am a fan of tidy tree trunks, which is what always strikes me when I go to parks and professionally landscaped gardens. I removed the spindly branches from the bottom all the way up to them main canopy of this small tree, and then simply used a support to get it to sit relatively vertical. Although it isn’t quite straight, I am hoping its shape will improve over time. More importantly it has provided a sculptural subject for the window, and I’m pleased with that.


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