Planting out tomatoes in greenhouse

After a few weeks of hardening off, RB and I took advantage of this spell of nice weather to transfer our now foot-high tomato plants into the greenhouse. We had prepared a trench bed for them a few weeks ago, and gave all the windows a final scrub before moving plants in (we use vinegar as an environmentally friendly way to clean the windows, which works well).

We are growing three vine varieties, Rose de Berne, Gold Medal and Millefleur, which will all be loosely tied onto the 6 ft stake as they grow upwards. We planted them a little further down in the soil than they sat in their pots as tomato plants will send out more roots from their stems. RB thinks that as they are in the same family as the potato, it is effectively like ‘earthing up’.


Amazing to think how far we have come since the chilly January days when we were fixing greenhouse glass.


3 responses to “Planting out tomatoes in greenhouse

  1. That’s a gorgeous green house!

    • themoderngardener

      Thanks! It didn’t look gorgeous when we bought the house, half the panes were missing and it was filled with moss inside and out. It took two of us a couple of days to get it sparkly.

  2. What a fantastic greenhouse, I have a little tiddly one 6ft x 6ft and it’s choc a block at the moment with 65 dahlias that I grew from seeds, so I can’t wait to get them out and into the beds and then I can pot on my tomatoes, chillies, peppers, cucumbers and get them in the greenhouse.
    I have to say your whole raised bed garden looks fab.

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