Chipper morning

RB and I invested in a chipper, as we have heaps of wood around that is just rotting away. It means that we are able to clear out some of the fallen branches in the woods, making it more pleasant to walk through, and also use the chips for paths and borders. The vegetable patch received the bulk of today’s effort.


We hope it will surpress a weed or two and keep the paths tidy, but for now we’re just pleased as it looks and smells wonderful.


3 responses to “Chipper morning

  1. That’s awesome! Where did you end up getting your chipper at? Do you mind me asking how much? Something like that could have a lot of uses it seems.

  2. themoderngardener

    I’ve just asked RB and he said ‘I wouldn’t buy it again’… not exactly a ringing endorsement! We’ve both had to play mechanic to it and take apart bits and reassemble. Having said that, it is awesome when it works! It was purchased at but looks like you’re state-side and will be able to get it much cheaper than here in the UK.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I’m not much for the mechanical side of machines!

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