Adidas Guerrilla Gardening Video

I loved coming across this advertorial/documentary style video commissioned by Adidas and filmed in London. It’s great to see a young and very funky brand make gardening look so cool. We have plenty of canvas for guerrilla gardening in London, and lots of people to cheer up, so I hope the trend continues. Well worth the 3 minutes.


7 responses to “Adidas Guerrilla Gardening Video

  1. Very impressed with this!!!

    I think they must have taken their inspiration for a cool young gardener from me! lol!!!! Yeah . . . I wish!


  2. themoderngardener

    Ryan, I was hoping to hear that it WAS you in the video!

  3. Except they are gardening with plastic plants, which isn’t very inspiring! It’s a load of cynical confused bang wagon jumping. For the real thing google guerrilla gardening.

  4. themoderngardener

    But on second thought, if their bandwagon jumping brings about any amount of inspiration, influence and change to younger generations…… then it will have been worth it?

  5. More greenwashing from the corporate machine. Rage!

  6. Definitely something for The Unsuitablog. I’ll bookmark it and do an Adidas carve-up soon.


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