Snails in the garden

I wish I could say this was going to be one of those magical posts you find that gives you the cure-all for pests such as snails. Between worrying about them and actually going out with a flash light and picking them off the precious bounty, gardeners spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over these horticultural evil-doers and the havoc they wreak.

No miracle here I’m afraid, however I did pick up on an interesting ongoing study via the BBC last night. Evolution Mega Lab. These guys are picking up where Darwin left off, by studying the effects of climate change and other environmental impacts on the evolution of the common garden snail. Fascinating.

They need you to help! This is a mass study through the collaboration of gardeners (or just people who go outside) all around the world. So before you pick up that snail and throw it over the fence (or perform the more permanent solution under your boot), take a quick record of what it looks like. The website provides all the background info you need. Happy hunting!


2 responses to “Snails in the garden

  1. Quite interesting. I may give this a go!

  2. I commented a few weeks ago but think I must have not submitted properly! I really like reading your website and the links. I feel a bit inspired to create my own home blog web- meanwhile you can see what we are doing on the weblink. forget the snails I like the harry bertoia chairs!

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