The Obama White House Vegetable Garden

The coolest couple in politics is planting a vegetable garden in the White House south lawn, and Michelle Obama has enlisted the help of her well-documented perfect biceps and Jimmy Choo boots (hearsay, but wouldn’t you believe it?).


Here is the layout of the First Vegetable Garden via TheWhoFarm who petitioned hard to make it reality. I’m not so sure about the variety myself, but it was probably very well considered on the basis of climate, usability and maybe even potager-looks. It will be great to follow the progress.


It’s worth noting that the Obamas are certainly not the first presidential gardeners. Eleanor Roosevelt inspired thousands with her Victory Garden during World War II. The principal author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, was also an avid gardener and some of his garden notes have been electronically archived. Here is a page to marvel at:



2 responses to “The Obama White House Vegetable Garden

  1. This is pretty neat isn’t it?

  2. if “neat” means same as “akward” or even “scary”
    then yeah

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