Vintage gardening book

It was my birthday this week and I was over the moon to receive a surprise fedex package from my grandmother in California. I only wish I had photographed the gift wrap, which in itself was a present to receive.

Marcela is an artist and more recently a professional small tree pruner, so she knows what she’s doing in the garden. Her artistic eye and love for gardening make her a model modern gardener. Part of her gift was this super book:


We have a healthy collection of glossy books about gardening, but this out-of-print gem is simple and wonderful. The illustrations throughout show you what to do, and ‘cut here’ is exactly the way I need to be told. I will be keeping my eye out for more books like this.


I’ll never forget when as a child Marcela pulled the car over onto the side of a motorway and picked a bunch of wild fennel and had me try it – an early lesson of appreciation for what nature can give you. Thank you Marcela!


5 responses to “Vintage gardening book

  1. You are right, sometimes old books are the best – simple, easy to read, focused on a subject.

  2. What a wonderful little book.
    I am going to have to check out our local thrift store and estate sales. I went to an estate sale over the weekend and scored big time. I bought two fabulous planter for $10 as well as some other treasures.

  3. Vintage books are fascinating. I’ve an old Sunset pruning book and 3 western garden books I’ve winnowed from my library, and need to find homes for…..
    where does ModernGardener originate? I’m curious.

  4. I just perused the site in-depth and found answer to my question. cheers!

  5. what a fab book I love the illustrations and typography.

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