Modern with a capital M

It would perhaps be fair to generalise at first glance that this blog has kicked off with a bit more of a cottage gardener bent than the Modern (with a capital em) gardener ethos that RB and I set up the retail business under. In fact, the blog and the online shop seem almost unrelated so far.

So why The Modern Gardener? Certainly the ‘seed’ influence comes from architecture and design, and the love of the Modernist period. That is not to say we walk into a beautiful cottage garden and turn our noses up, on the contrary, who could fail to lose their breath in a stunning naturalistic garden overflowing with colour?

Nor does Modern necessarily mean minimalist or retro (although it can often feel that way). I think the idea can be best summarised by a few Modernism heroes:

“Less is more” Mies van der Rohe
“Form ever follows function” Louis Sullivan
“The house is a machine for living in” Le Corbusier
“Ornament is excrement” Adolph Loos

Therefore what guides us is an aesthetic grounded in purpose and simplicity, which hopefully is reflected in the product range as well as how we operate in our daily lives. And with a little luck the influence won’t be strictly aesthetic, but also an approach to life – our aim to garden organically and to compost all our compostables also follows the logic of Modern, sensible thinking, in contrast to decadent waste and disregard for future generations.


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