Bertoia chairs for the garden

Not all garden furniture has to be expensive, and RB and I particularly love a good thrift. Although you have to be armed with bags of patience, eBay does occassionally throw up a few winners. We recently picked up four second hand Harry Bertoia wire chairs for the sum total of £80.

In Bertoia’s words, “If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them.”


The candle holder in the foreground was a gift by a Danish friend, and was designed by architect Mogens Lassen.


3 responses to “Bertoia chairs for the garden

  1. I am so jealous!!!!!! I love Bertoia!

    I nearly cried when I saw two beautiful Bertoia chairs in Barbara Hepworth’s garden. They were in an old shed just rusting away :(

  2. I love those chairs and I find them incredibly confortable though their “hard” appearance.

  3. I was thinking about getting a couple of these for the garden, but I’m not sure how comfortable they would be. How long before your bum gets numb? :)

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