Deer-proof fencing

On the second day of snow chaos we had our first deer family spotting  in the woods in our garden. Our camera lens was short of the muscle required to get a great shot, but you can just about see three of them here, with a little guy chilling out in the snow, basking in the sunshine.


Although it was a lovely scene, it brought home to RB that those chewed up plants and even trees in our garden were being decimated by our lovely bambi herbivore friends, and that our prospective lettuces did not stand a chance. A chap at the pub said there was only one way to get rid of them which to us recently-moved-from-London slightly left-of-centre types was a fairly grim prospect. We were supposed to be comforted by the fact that they have no natural predators, but we weren’t and so decided that trying our luck with a fence would be our first port of call (second port of call is a higher fence, unless you have a better idea!). Here are the posts that RB has been putting around the plot, and this weekend he will be digging in the fence.


He has also put a fence around our lovely fruit bushes (or they will be once I have given them their winter pruning and feeding). We’ve not been here when they are in fruit, but know they are varieties of gooseberries and currants, we’re looking forward to those surprises. The fence doesn’t prevent birds coming in, so at a later stage we will be adding shiny string or a temporary tent-shaped net if the loss rate is high. With so many bushes my feeling is we can sacrifice some to our feathered friends. After all, how much gooseberry fool and currant jam or pies can two people realistically care to make?



One response to “Deer-proof fencing

  1. Deer and rabbits are cute, but so destructive. My flower beds are surrounded by a nice fence (this happened after I asked my hubby if “he liked rabbit stew” and last year he built a 20×20 foot fenced area for my raised beds for vegies.

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